Safety at Trendsetter is not only a priority; it is a way of life.

We are proud of our Texas Heritage and our Texas Values, which means that we value Trendsetter families. TCI recognizes that people are our greatest asset, and we do all we can to protect that asset. Each person on our team has a family, relying on them to come home and depends on them for financial support. Therefore, it is our sacred responsibility to work together to keep each other safe.

We work to innovate with the highest integrity, not only in operations but also in safety. The proof is in our outstanding record. Our team has produced over 3 million man-hours without a lost-time incident. Averaging 250-260 people it has taken us over 5 years to reach that goal, and we aren’t stopping. Our team grows with each successful job because our reputation is not only known to our customers; it is clear to our competitors, our peers, and our communities.

If you are looking to work for a company that cares about your safety, for a company that understands that an employee who feels safe will ultimately work more efficiently, and for a companywhose all workers hold the same value for safety. In that case, Trendsetter is the place for you.

Success is due to many contributing factors, including outstanding leadership team with diverse backgrounds. For example, David Cruce, our Safety Director, has over 8 years in safety in Oil & Gas and Construction, and more than 10 decades in Law Enforcement before that.

STOP WORK AUTHORITY: Trendsetter works in various environments with heavy equipment that poses many dangers to customers, employees, contractors, and stakeholders when safe processes and procedures are not followed. We recognize the ability of anyone to utilize Stop Work Authority and stop a job to prevent injury to equipment, persons, or the environment. Our values and prioritizing people over anything else are what keep us safe. This is the expectation of our team. If you are a customer or a contractor, you are part of the team. We hold all who work on or visit our sites to the same standards because we want you to go home safely as well.

Our Safety leaders recognize that success is not due to safety whip-cracking but through compassion and teamwork.

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