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At Trendsetter, we take the high-tech approach. Measure performance by quality, stewardship, safety and customer satisfaction.

About Us

Texas-based Trendsetter is your one-stop shop for Construction needs, including upstream / midstream oil and gas, pipeline, residential, and multiple industry Solutions. At the forefront of leading-edge technologies, Trendsetter has evolved from a homegrown East Texas staple to an all-encompassing suite of construction services such as spatial driven Surveying, GPS Excavation work, Design, Facilities work, Pipeline, Mechanical installations to environmental Recycling green waste.
Trendsetter’s largest asset is its dedicated work force of over 300 employees that boasts a safety record seen by few in our industry: over 3 years without a lost-time accident, and over 3 million safe work hours.


Safe work hours as of June 22, 2024

Safe work - Hours


Days - without a lost time accident


Yes, you read that right.

Over 3,000,000 safe work hours and 3076 safe work days. We take our commitment to safety seriously. The Safety Policy of Trendsetter Construction, Inc. is designed to comply with the Safety Manual of the Standards of OSHA and endeavored to maintain a workplace free of injury and illness.