Trendsetter Recycling

Environmental Stewardship

Trendsetter Recycling owns and operates two green waste facilities that the Texas Commission has permitted on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The first opened in 2007 in Tyer, and a second facility opened in 2015 in Longview. While other companies continue clearing, hauling, burning, and burying their waste, Trendsetter handles green waste material complying with TCEQ standards and the most environmentally friendly manner.

Trendsetter offers our customers an alternative that recycles waste. In addition, services are extended to the general public and other third parties.
Our Hogzilla 1050 HP Tub Grinders in the hands of our skilled operators have the highest outputs to grind and renew the utility of your waste products safely. Trendsetter Recycling operates year-round a continuous operation producing over 100,000 cubic yards of soil products to the public and some of the largest garden product manufacturers in the country whose products are sold in the big box home improvement stores, including Home Depot and Lowes.