Facility and Mechanical Installations

New, Maintenance, or Retrofitting Trendsetter has the Experience.

New Construction

Trendsetter has experience in facilities work, from building one-off storage units and NACE piping additions to complex facilities. We have been most active in amine plants, compressor stations, central distribution facilities, metering sites, tank farms, liquid handling facilities, and major processing facilities. Each new Construction project is approached from a safety standpoint and is critical throughout the building process, from site preparation to hand-off.

TCI recognizes communication with our customers to understand goals and preferences to be important in planning new construction or modifications within existing facilities. As a result, TCI can effectively collaborate and develop plans to meet construction deadlines, with always the utmost care for safety.

Maintenance and Retrofit

Trendsetter Construction has disciplined crews who maintain numerous PSM facilities across Texas and Louisiana. We have the in-house capability to fulfill all fabrication needs for piping and supports. Adding new technology or features to older systems can provide challenges in building and integrate safely with existing systems. TCI can provide the technology and experience to implement engineered designs with existing plant infrastructure.

Our construction services for plant projects include:

TCI can provide a rapid response to planned or emergency repairs of process piping and utilities. TCI has taken part in 50+ shutdowns in the past 7 years without a single safety incident. Trendsetter has performed several turnkey relocation and retrofitting operations.

Our tools for Data Collection and plan evaluation include: