Pipeline Experience

Trendsetter has been in the pipeline business since 2005.

We have laid thousands of miles of pipe for significant oil and gas exploration operators and midstream companies. We specialize in pipeline construction: up to 24″ in diameter with steel, Fiber Spar, Flex-pipe, poly pipe, and fiberglass projects.

Trendsetter offers complete pipeline packages, including survey, construction, and the capability to provide 3D CAD models of the finished “as-built” labeled with all requested data and services produced with full GIS Mapping technology.

The true testament to the quality of a company is its leadership. Our experienced pipelayers have the knowledge and understanding to complete your project safely, on budget, and on time. We support knowledgeable, well-trained, safety-conscious supervision on-site. As a result, we have completed multi-mile pipeline projects of various pipe materials in record times, with our unquestionably successful safety record.

Pipeline Construction

Our dedicated pipeline construction team has installed various pipelines, up to 24″, without damaging the pipe’s integrity. This is only made possible with experience and having the right equipment in place on each aspect of the pipeline. We have qualified welders who can build fabrication accurately and precisely to the exact specs. Trendsetter provides an environmentally safe filling and dewatering process, which includes using filter bags, testing the water before filling /dewatering, and having the ability to dewater into frac tanks. Hydrotesting is performed under a safe and adequate procedure to protect the pipe’s integrity and keep everyone safe.

Pipeline Maintenance

Trendsetter provides integrity services for several large midstream and transmission companies. Trendsetter has extensive experience with all phases of integrity services, from the preparation of Intelligent Pig Runs to anomaly repair. We are the trusted choice for all your integrity projects. Our team of respected employees stays up to date on current laws regarding pipeline integrity repair methods.

Pipeline Integrity Services offers: