Trendsetter has evolved its services and equipment throughout the years to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Both in terms of operational equipment and real-time communications flow with field operations.  With GPS guided equipment and laser leveling /scanning, all field personnel reports are connected by Ipad.


Using machine controlled GNSS on heavy equipment can save construction operating time and provide high quality site design and implementation.

Field operators can download the engineer’s design straight to the machine, providing the highest level of the precision and delivering construction in the least amount of time. GPS-guided D-8 dozers, excavators, and motor graders push to grade and site balance more efficiently with existing dirt. Instrumentation guides the equipment by the engineering design and real-time monitoring of the jobs. Since the addition of GPS Machine Control in 2010, production on projects has increased by 30%.

Pad Fill & Cut Aerial Diagram

Data Collection

Trendsetter offers “As Built” services and has been implementing designs /plans in the field for over 15 years in civil, structural, piping, tanks, and pipelines used for location setups, compressor stations, tank batteries, facilities to industrial plants. We can move your assets to the precise location they need to be in your infrastructure. We can record all modifications and changes to maintain a complete history, which is key for getting the most out of your assets.

Retrofitting, Decommissioning, and Maintenance on older systems

Adding new technology or equipment often bring challenges integrating safely with existing systems. TCI can provide the technology to model changes, compare possible issues and then can implement the engineered designs within the existing plant infrastructure.

Services included:

Trendsetter can perform decommissioning in the scope of a full plant decommission to sections or individual pieces/equipment. Great care is taken with surrounding infrastructure TCI can provide safe and reliable Plant to provide technical Decommissioning services.