Pipeline Integrity Services

Start with a Technological Advantage

Trendsetter has extensive experience with all phases of integrity services from preparation of Intelligent Pig Runs to anomaly repair. We have the experience to handle any project.

Pipeline Integrity Services offered:
Preparation of launchers, receivers and valve settings Remove or replace pipeline restrictions (valves, fittings, and drips) Cleaning and drying services with scraper, chemical cleaning, or caliper pigs Assistance during pig run. Provide survey of pig runs and point stake digs. Repair of additional restrictions discovered from caliper pig run (dents, gouges, etc.) Site preparation and stabilization Install liquid handling facilities (frac tanks or holding basins) Install pig tracking hardware (magnetic transducer locating and relocating) Marker placement services Pig handling (lifting and installation assistance) Point staking anomalies with Survey Anomaly verification digs Recoating Composite Sleeve Reinforcement (Clock Spring, Armor Plate, and WrapMaster) Mechanical Leak Clamps Weldover Sleeves, Split Sleeves Pipeline Modifications Pipe section isolation; Stopple Fittings Welding and weld repair Hot tapping and plugging Pipe repair, replacement, or retirement (abandonment) Hydrostatic Testing Shorted Casing Repair Remove coating, wash pipe Construct shoring box to inspect anomaly Fabricate launcher/receiver and valve settings Revetment work (rip-rap, concrete matting, bulkheads, etc) ROW restoration and maintenance