Trendsetter Safety

Start with Safety First

Safety Mission Statement

“There is not a task to be performed, a job to be completed, or a situation so urgent that the proper safety procedures cannot be followed to maintain the Health, Safety, and well being of the people and environment that well exceed the value of the dollar.”

Trendsetter Construction, Inc., manages its operations in a manner consistent with our core values to protect the Health and Safety of our employees and maintain compliance with all applicable Environmental, Health, and Safety laws, regulations and internal standards.

At TCI we are committed and more importantly engaged in all aspects of employee, contractor, and public safety. It’s not always easy to find the proper balance to run a profitable business, meet customer/consumer demands, operate facilities safely, and protect the public and environment, but it can be accomplished. Our team at TCI accomplishes this by not only creating a safety culture but by encouraging and expecting management intervention.

Trendsetter Construction, Inc., is committed to conducting its business lawfully, ethically, and in an environmentally responsible manner. We believe that maintaining the highest expectations and fulfilling these responsibilities will assist us in reaching not only our business goals as well as our moral obligation to our customers and the communities we serve.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship and conservation have long been the focus of Trendsetter Construction Inc. Since its conception in the mid 1970’s TCI has always took full advantage of ways to reduce waste, increase efficiencies, and sustain the natural beauty of the environment. Thanks in large part to our Recycling Division we can fulfill our promise to create a natural environment by grinding all green waste produced at our operations and incorporate the mulch produced back into our operations as natural soil additives, natural erosion control, even biomass fuel. Trendsetter Construction Inc. is focused on meeting the demands of our customers in an environmentally responsible manner. We know that today’s operations affect tomorrow’s environment. We will go above and beyond state, local, federal and customer requirements to maintain compliance and limit our operations footprint.

Health Safety

It is company policy that accident prevention be a prime concern and focus of all employees. This includes the safety and well being of our employees, subcontractors, and customers, as well as the prevention of wasteful, inefficient operations, and damage to property and equipment.

The internal Safety Policies apply to all employees of Trendsetter Construction, Inc, regardless of position within the company. Furthermore all rules and regulations apply to all subcontractors and anyone may visit a company project site. Trendsetter’s company policies are constantly being updated in an effort to maintain compliance, strive towards continuous improvements, create efficiencies and most importantly ensure a safe working environment for our team.


Every Trendsetter Construction Inc. employee is ultimately responsible for conserving resources, reducing waste and operating safely and efficiently. Our training activities include: PEC Basic Orientation, Daily JSA’s and PPE Hazard Assessments, Weekly, or more often as needed, Tailgate Safety meetings, monthly companywide Safety meetings, supervisor and PIC CPR training, NCCER/Veriforce, Eweb OQ, H2S training, etc., these training activities assist in raising EH&S awareness and provide every worker with the necessary tools that he or she needs to conduct business safely and with respect for the environment.

“Do it for yourself, do it for your family, do it for LIFE” - Joe Glover, Saftey Director

SAFETY AWARDS: Texas Mutual EHS & Anadarko HSE.

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