Pipeline Construction

Start with a Technological Advantage

Trendsetter has been in the pipeline business since 2005. We have laid hundreds of miles of pipe throughout East Texas and Louisiana for major oil and gas exploration operators and midstream companies. We specialize in pipelines 24” in diameter and smaller. Our experienced pipeliners, have the knowledge and understanding to complete projects quickly and safely. We support knowledgeable, well trained, safety conscious supervision onsite. The true testament to the quality of a company is its leadership. We have completed multi-mile pipeline projects of various pipe materials in record times. We have the experience to install steel, Fiber Spar, FlexPipe, poly pipe, and fiberglass.

We also offer complete pipeline packages, including survey, construction and “as-built” services produced with full GIS Mapping technology. Trendsetter Construction has the capability to provide 3D CAD models of the finished “as-built” labelled with all requested data.

Oilfield Services

  • Developement and maintenance services for amine facilitys
  • Complete clearing, grinding, debris removal, and site development
  • Roadways & right of ways
  • Turnkey piplining
  • Fluid transfers
  • Pits and Pit closures, land farming & reclamation
  • Roustabout services
  • Welding & pipefitting
  • Sandblast & Paint
  • Well treating & high pressure testing
  • Well kills with pressure pumping
  • New construction
  • Leak repair
  • Anomaly repair