Excavation Services

Start with a Technological Advantage

Trendsetter Construction began in the excavation industry in 1978. We serve industrial business, midstream and oil and gas fields. We are a highly specialized and technologically advanced company that can handle any size project. With our talented workforce, our crews can effectively complete projects quickly and safely while retaining a high quality standard. We are continually evolving our services and equipment to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

We believe in using technology to take our service level to new dimensions of site work speed and accuracy. With the aid of GPS and laser machine controlled equipment, Trendsetter produces the most consistent quality excavation in the industry. With state of the art technology, highly trained employees and top notch leadership, Trendsetter Construction has the ability to handle the most complicated of excavation projects.

Machine Control Equipment

Trendsetter uses machine controlled equipment to provide quality in design as well as time saving speed in construction. Straight from the engineers design, we download to the machine to provide the closest quality design specification.


Our diverse equipment inventory of low emission, low hour machinery allows us to mobilize and begin projects in a timely manner, while producing optimal efficiency across the board. We specialize in soil stabilization using products such as soil cement, lime, and fly-ash. By offering survey, design and consulting, Trendsetter supplies our customers with the most cost effective solution to complete any size project quickly and efficiently.


Trendsetter uses the latest technology for data collection to implement its operations, including machine controlled GNSS on its heavy equipment. This technology saves construction operation time while providing the highest quality site design and implementation.